Accessible Outdoor Camps.

Our camps provide our participants the opportunity to try a number of outdoor activities over a few days, or to make significant progress towards their goals of specific activities. Our camps also provide the opportunity to try camping and learn all kinds of camping skills, such as setting up a tent and creating a camp fire.

Base Camps

Base camps involve setting ourselves up at a campsite and going out to do activities each day. These camps offer the classic camping experience and is often more affordable than other accommodation options.

There are a number of campsite options throughout the Alpine Region, including some that are quite accessible. We will be able to discuss with you the best options for you.

Overnight Hikes

Overnight hikes are a very popular recreational activity in the Alpine Region and just like day hikes we can help make overnight hiking accessible for anyone.

Get in touch with us and we will discuss how we can help you complete an amazing overnight hike in Victoria's Alpine Region.

Every detail of our camps are tailored the interests and goals of our participants. Just like our day trips, participants can receive one on one support or can be accompanied by family members or a carer. Participants will receive assistance with self-care activities where applicable as well as support to work towards their goals in the outdoors.

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