Pricing and NDIS.

NDIS Funding

If you receive NDIS funding you will be able to use that with our services if you use a registered plan manager or if you self-manage the supports and services in your plan.

Unfortuneatly if you have you plan managed by the NDIA you won't be able to utilise your funding at this stage. This is something we are working to be able to provide in the future.

We keep our rate below the rates described in the NDIS price guide and is a flat rate across weekdays and weekends.

After we have completed our time in the outdoors you will be provided with an invoice for you to submit depending on how your plan is managed.

No Funding?

If you don't receive funding, our rates are low to keep the outdoors accessible for everyone.

Get in touch and we will make sure you have the chance to get outdoors and try some new things.

Carers and Family Members

Carers and family members are more than welcome to fully particpate and help out with all our outdoor activities.

All family members and carers are included in our rate.